Orange Calcite Sphere

Orange Calcite Sphere

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Ethically-sourced Orange Calcite Sphere.

Orange Calcite is a wonderfully energising and cleansing crystal. It is especially effective when working with the lower chakras, the energy centres associated with your creativity and also your sense of belonging in the world and connection to others and the planet.

Orange Calcite is the perfect stone to help balance your emotions and enable you to release feelings of fear and anxiety. Because of Orange Calcite’s potent cleansing energies, simply having some near you will help to cleanse the atmosphere of negative energies and vibrations. A vibrantly active crystal that is known to aid in the speeding up of personal development and growth.

Orange Calcite is a stone of spiritual significance. It is linked to the realms of higher consciousness and is a great ally when it comes to meditation and rituals that help to raise your vibration and expand your awareness. The perfect tool to help you on your spiritual journey.

 Why use a Crystal Sphere?

Crystal spheres are very powerful tools indeed. They emit positive and harmonious energy by the bucket load. The sphere is the perfect shape and considered sacred. All points are the same distance away from the centre, making it a pure expression of unity, integrity and completeness. Due to its shape, the crystal sphere allows its energy to radiate in all directions at the same time, raising the vibration of the space around you and making them the ‘go to’ for many different uses and intentions. A sphere emits a seamless flow of energy, uplifting your own personal energy field and enhancing your sense of wellbeing. The spherical shape of a crystal changes its frequency, the more symmetrical the piece, the higher the frequency.

 Five ways to use your Orange Calcite Crystal Sphere.

Rolling On Your Body

Roll it on areas of your body where you feel tension, sore or blocked.

Hold On To This Meditation Tool

Meditate with a crystal sphere in each hand for a turbo charged session. Remember to place your spheres in the sun after your meditation to cleanse them so they’re ready for your next meditation session.

Feng Shui Magic

Place a couple of crystal spheres in any room around your home that feels as if it needs some light and positivity. Each crystal sphere will raise the vibration of the room and promote a happier environment. Determine what energy you wish to invite into your environment and program your crystal to hold this intention.

Bring Crystal Magic To Your Desk

Transform your workspace with an added decorative crystal sphere to stimulate your creativity, increase your abundance, enhance your business, or simply cleanse the room of negative energy and to create a healthier work environment.

The Perfect Tool In The Garden

Place your crystal sphere outside in the garden and program it to nurture the soil, flowers and plants. A crystal sphere absorbs the energy of the sun and spreads a bountiful amount of stored light throughout the garden and outside space. It’s the perfect supplementary garden tool when your green thumb needs a little help.