Collection: 'Chaktivation' Chakra Crystal Healing Packs

These beautiful Chaktivation Chakra Crystal Packs are put together personally by me. Carefully selected crystals, one for each of the Seven Chakras, with an original Light Language Seed artwork necklace channeled by myself, every single one is completely unique and comes with a mantra written especially for you on the back.

The Crystals are in an easily portable pouch that you can take anywhere, nestled inside a hessian bag complete with a Tree Of Life charm and blessed feathers and beads added by hand by me with love for you.

I have cleansed and then activated your crystals through sound and intention, each pack has been smudged with sage and blessed.

You can use your Chaktivation Crystals by placing them on or near their corresponding chakra as you lie down. You can use them to enhance your experience whilst listening to any of my healing music products (link) and also in conjunction with the 'Chaktivation' Chakra Sound Healing Journey Online events and products. 

Click the link for the latest one on 27th August:

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  • Chaktivation Chakra Crystal Pack with original Light Language artwork by Lou Van Stone
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